3 Year Old Preschool


3 Year-Old Preschool: Our 3 year-old Preschool Program offers four different options to meet the needs of our families. Student learning is based upon the unique learning needs of each individual student and supported through the encouragement of independent exploration, focused small-group learning, as well as whole group instruction. Each classroom promotes the development of: Social/Emotional, Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Creative Development & Physical Development on a daily basis.  All program implement the same curriculum and have similar learning goals for students.


3 Year-Old Preschool Options Include:


Tuesday/Thursday Morning Session   (8:15AM – 11:15AM) $120/month


Full-Day Preschool: Our Full-Day 3 Year-Old Program follows the same curriculum as our traditional preschool programs, yet offers families the flexibility to select what days per week their child attends.  Extended hours between 7:00AM – 4:30PM are also available.


Pricing Information:

  • Whole Day (up to 8 hours): $38 per day
  • Extended Day (beyond 8 hours): $5.00 per day


**More information on pricing and policies are available in our Parent Handbook.


Enrollment Information:

2020-2021 Enrollment is currently ongoing. Enrollment packets can be requested by calling 734.759.5700. 

For more information, to enroll your child, or to request a tour: please call Melissa Petty, Director of Early Childhood, at 734.759.5700 or at pettym@wy.k12.mi.us.